Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moving day.

I've moved!

Add my new address to your feed readers, if you're so inclined.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy birthday, Olivia!

And, please, no more growing up, ok?
(Can we also discuss the massive change in video quality from digital cameras in the last six years??  'Cause seriously.)
(And why is there an ad on my video??  So duuumb.)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An update.

I don't know.  The hardest part about starting a new blog is coming up with a NAME.  Until I figure out what to do on that front, I will meticulously backup anything I post here.  I was able to recover about 95% of my original posts with just a few that seem to be permanently lost, so I'll take it!

Let's talk about Grey.
- At about 5 1/2 months, he is generally a chipper, easy-going fellow.  He has just reached that age where every single thing his sister does is the most impressive, exciting feat since sliced binkies! Or whatever!  He leans his whole body forward, practically bending in half to get a better view of the one-girl circus happening just across the living room.  This, of course, is endlessly gratifying to Olivia, so she is always willing to perform.
- He's a pretty reliable napper, but a te r r r r r r r r r r r r r ible nighttime sleeper.  Man.  He was better at sleeping when he was a newborn, honestly.  I am up with him sometimes six or seven times a night which feels like a crafty way to slowly kill a person; five months of sleep deprivation and I'm half dead.  Hopefully we get this thing in check by ten months or it's curtains for me!  I have been dragging my feet about introducing any rigid sleep training, but once he gets over this cold, I think we'll have to give it a shot.
- His insatiable need to instantly roll to his stomach the second his back touches anything firm is causing major grief in everybody's lives!  He can only intermittently roll himself back and goes crazy if left on his stomach too long.  That said, over the last couple weeks he has become quite the proficient little traveler on his belly with the capability to wriggle himself all around and rotate in a full circle.  It's the beginnings of mobility and I'm not ready!  My dvd case is so nice and organized!  Our books and magazines are shaking in their spines! (That reads weird, but I'm keeping it.) I've already moved all the glass bowls to the top shelves, leaving only the plastic tupperware at his mercy.
- You know what would really please Grey?  If my features could be popped off like a living Mr. Potato Head.  He spends 90% of his life with outstretched arms and a single-minded determination to pull my nose/eyes/lips right off my face.  I even bled one time because I hadn't clipped his nails in a while!  His little fingers are just the perfect size for reaching up the entire length of your nostril, in case you were wondering.

Let's talk about Olivia, but only briefly because her birthday post is coming up!
- SHE TURNS SIX TOMORROW!  What is happening?!
- Both of her top front teeth are wiggly. And she had a dentist appointment yesterday where we were told she had zero cavities!  So glad our toothbrushing, flossing, mouth-washing regime is working.
- She still loves Transformers and Power Rangers above all other things.
- I worried a bit when Olivia entered kindergarten that she would feel like she didn't fit in with the other girls.  Fortunately, the transition seems to have been effortless.  Instead of feeling insecure about her unique interests, she told me she invented a game where all the girls pretend to be spiders with powers garnered from whatever they're wearing (for example, Olivia was wearing a shirt with a heart on it, so she was a Heart Power Spider, and her friend Kaitlyn was a Leopard Print Power Spider).  I was cracking up imagining all these little girls crawling around pretending to be spiders!
- Art projects, more art projects, alllll the day long it's ART PROJECTS!
- It has been such a rewarding experience to watch Olivia morph into such a fantastic, loving, sweet big sister.  It makes me want to cry!  All the prizes to O for handling such a big life change with open arms.  Gosh, I love her.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I don't know what happened, but somehow every post I've ever written has been deleted.  I have been crying all day over it!  Fortunately, I have been able to find some posts cached on Google (I don't know if they're all there, but I assume they are; we'll find out!), so I'm trying to figure out what my next step is.
My blog has been acting really weird lately with its randomly, independently going private a little while back, then last night I noticed a couple posts were missing (I wanted to read Grey's birth story and it wasn't there).  I was going to investigate further this morning and when I logged on, all of my posts had disappeared.
I think I'll start a new blog, since this one is obviously infirm and unstable in its old age!  When I do that, I'll link it here so you can find me over there!  Unless some other great idea comes to mind.  Either way, I'll keep you updated.